Our Sites

Each website is designed for your Christian Science church.


Our cutting-edge sites will change the way you think about a church website. Our site designs are made using WordPress content management system. You can easily maintain content quickly and in-house.



All of the key points your membership needs quickly are placed within eye contact on the page. Those subjects with multiple choices need only a mouse over for a drop-down menu. Again, conveniently located.




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Our Services

We won’t leave you hanging. We are a full-service provider.


Our sites are uploaded to a server, configured, and tested for accuracy before we turn it over to your Christian Science church. Your site will be monitored 24/7 for uptime.  All WordPress versions and plugins are updated when new software becomes available. We provide security on the project’s front and back ends. Each site has a metric component so you can check usage. All of this is included in our price.



When we “hand you the keys”, you will be instructed in how to maintain the content of the website. Each site is constructed using WordPress content management system. It is the most widely used CMS on the market.  If you don’t want to maintain the website in-house, don’t worry, we can arrange to do that for you.


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Our Support

After the work is done, we are here to help.



A successful website is half development, half maintenance. Attention needs to be paid to both halves. We want to be your partner in successfully ministering to the needs of your Christian Science church. If help is needed, a call or email will get our quick attention. If you have any questions, please let us know. We may be reached at 317-215-7089 or by email at ateam@christiansciencewebdesigns.com.


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Our Company

Our company understands Christian Science church eProducts.


We have assisted many Christian Science churches in getting their message out to their members and the general public.



Since the sites we build are custom made for each client, we can include whatever media or address an issue particular to the needs of your church. As a member of a branch church and the Mother Church, your membership’s concerns will be understood.


There is not a single price level for a custom website since each use varies. The sites are all inclusive meaning they include the domain name, construction, hosting, testing, and training. If you already have a domain name and want to re-design a current site, we can do that as well. Our price estimate is free. We are happy to listen to you and provide all you will need to make a decision.



By the way, we built our first website in 1998. Our parent company, The Point Betsie Internetwork (www.shocktheweb.com), is listed on the Indianapolis Business Journal List of Largest Indianapolis-Area Website Developers for 2016 and received The Web Marketing Association 2016 Outstanding Achievement In Web Development.


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